As a Explorer...

As an Explorer, you’re a tenacious problem solver. Your motivation to build stems from a deep curiosity in the way systems operate and a desire to address intriguing problems within them. Your decision-making style is linear, rational, and fact-based; once hooked on a problem, you fixate on designing and executing your solution. You take a hands-on approach, and lead by attracting and inspiring those similar to you. Entrepreneurship is not necessarily your primary goal, but rather the method through which you build and commercialize your solutions.


You see entrepreneurship as a systematic way to commercialize and scale solutions to the knotty problems that you are most curious about.

Decision Making

You're highly motivated and systematic. You believe that every problem should be broken down into its constituent parts and carefully analyzed, and that the best decision will be identified.

Management Approach

Hands-on and directive. You expect everyone to be as systematic and curious as you are.

Leadership Style

You tend to attract similar systems thinkers, and build confidence in others after they have demonstrated systematic problem solving and deep knowledge. You see others’ successful management of key areas as a source of freedom to spend time where they can be most valuable to the company’s future.

Your Builder Snapshot:

Gifts (Strengths):

  • Systems thinking and analytics.
  • Focus on constant improvement and solving the next problem.
  • Scaling on the systems side.

Gaps (Weaknesses):

  • Scaling on the people side may be problematic, especially in functions outside your interest.
  • Sometime brusque, impatient style can create morale problems.
  • Can get sucked into solving less strategically significant problems.

Strategies for Growth:

  • Delegate more and sooner.
  • Focus on next-generation solutions and beyond.
  • See the system aspects in the softer solution.
  • Share the ball.
  • Delegate to C-level buffers.
  • Show a little humanity.

From the Authors...

There are four distinct types of highly successful entrepreneurs: The Driver, The Explorer, The Crusader, and The Captain. Each builds differently. You are most like The Explorer – with numerous implications for how you’ll best succeed in business.

We discovered these four Builder Types using a patented analytical methodology, supported by extensive quantitative research and hundreds of founder interviews. In chapter 3, you’ll find insights and stories from successful Explorers like you—demonstrating how they’ve navigated the five dynamic challenges as Explorers to build businesses of enduring value.

Thank you for taking a look. We hope you will find this framework and the supporting materials to be a helpful tool to employ in your own business ventures.

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Chris Kuenne

Founder, Rosetta and Rosemark Capital; Faculty at Princeton University

John Danner

Faculty at UC Berkeley and Princeton University
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