As a Crusader...

As a Crusader, you’re charismatic and mission-driven – motivated by an intense desire to make the world a better place by solving problems that matter to markets and to society. You’re a big-picture thinker. You often possess an unusual mixture of both sensitivity and humility, and you value the opportunity to collaborate with others in bringing your vision to life. Entrepreneurship provides an effective platform for you to achieve the positive impact you seek.


You want to make the world a better place through solving problems that matter. You are driven by a deep-seated ability to empathize with others, feeling their needs and wants, and are motivated to address them by creating a mission-based company.

Decision Making

You are highly intuitive and driven from an emotional sense of what is right.

Management Approach

Guided by your founding mission and intuition, you can struggle with tough people issues as you eschew conflict and often allow under-performers to languish rather than be ushered out of the business.

Leadership Style

You attract talent to handle the more operational aspects of the business—inspiring them with vision and company mission—but not always directing them in a systematic manner.

Your Builder Snapshot:

Gifts (Strengths):

  • Inspiration through bold vision conveyed with charisma.
  • Willing to delegate to others.
  • Comfortable with more flexible, creative workplace environment.
  • Have a personal touch in dealing with others.

Gaps (Weaknesses):

  • Can struggle with translating vision in to practical to-dos.
  • Vulnerable to hiring on vision enthusiasm versus competency (assuming cultural fit always).
  • Conflict avoidance can let problems fester.

Strategies for Growth:

  • “Press the flesh” with your current and prospective talent.
  • Be the chief listening officer.
  • Use your brand and culture to transmit your mission and transcend your limitations.
  • Hire or partner with an operator to be your alter ego.
  • Don’t allow personal loyalty to inadvertently compromise growth.

From the Authors...

There are four distinct types of highly successful entrepreneurs: The Driver, The Explorer, The Crusader, and The Captain. Each builds differently. You are most like The Crusader – with numerous implications for how you’ll best succeed in business.

We discovered these four Builder Types using a patented analytical methodology, supported by extensive quantitative research and hundreds of founder interviews. In chapter 4, you’ll find insights and stories from successful Crusaders like you—demonstrating how they’ve navigated the five dynamic challenges as Crusaders to build businesses of enduring value.

Thank you for taking a look. We hope you will find this framework and the supporting materials to be a helpful tool to employ in your own business ventures.

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Chris Kuenne

Founder, Rosetta and Rosemark Capital; Faculty at Princeton University

John Danner

Faculty at UC Berkeley and Princeton University
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