As a Captain...

As a Captain, you make things happen by empowering others. You’re a team assembler and a growth catalyst – intent on building the right team structure and culture. You prefer to lead with the “we” rather than the “me.” You’re inspired to create a shared enterprise of value through your three core gifts: strategic vision, values, and empowering others.


You want to build an enterprise of enduring value by unleashing the productive potential of individuals and teams.

Decision Making

You're dispassionate and focused on growth; careful to be consistent with mission, vision, and prior personal commitments.

Management Approach

You're direct, honest and consistent in communication, and in your expectations of individuals and teams.

Leadership Style

You're consensus- driven - empowering others after setting clear goals and expectations, while consistently applying deeply held principles of honesty and transparency.

Your Builder Snapshot:

Gifts (Strengths):

  • Empowers others within regimen of clear accountability.
  • Encourages team member candor.
  • Willing to share credit for positive outcomes.
  • Open to “bubble up” creativity in workplace.

Gaps (Weaknesses):

  • Comfort with delegating can remove them from important frontline developments.
  • May allow search for consensus to postpone fast decisions.
  • Focus on steady improvement may miss big- scale outside trends.

Strategies for Growth:

  • Keep a sharp eye out for the next champion on your already- solid team.
  • Share the Captain’s chair to show and teach others how you lead.
  • Avoid confusing your teams with your twin strengths of listening and consensus building.
  • Remember: consensus is wonderful, except when it’s not.
  • Renew your trust-but-verify style by personal example.

From the Authors...

There are four distinct types of highly successful entrepreneurs: The Driver, The Explorer, The Crusader, and The Captain. Each builds differently. You are most like The Captain – with numerous implications for how you’ll best succeed in business.

We discovered these four Builder Types using a patented analytical methodology, supported by extensive quantitative research and hundreds of founder interviews. In chapter 5, you’ll find insights and stories from successful Captains like you—demonstrating how they’ve navigated the five dynamic challenges as Captains to build businesses of enduring value.

Thank you for taking a look. We hope you will find this framework and the supporting materials to be a helpful tool to employ in your own business ventures.

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Chris Kuenne

Founder, Rosetta and Rosemark Capital; Faculty at Princeton University

John Danner

Faculty at UC Berkeley and Princeton University
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