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Building a business from the ground up is enormously challenging, whether it's a stand-alone startup or new corporate venture. Built for Growth shows the power of Builder Personality in shaping success, based on quantitative research and exclusive interviews with winning entrepreneurs.

The Driver Builder Type
The Driver
The Explorer Builder Type
The Explorer
The Crusader Builder Type
The Crusader
The Captain Builder Type
The Captain

Built for Growth decodes the interplay between each Builder Personality and new business success.

Authors Chris Kuenne & John Danner illustrate how each Type handles the five dynamic challenges to build businesses of enduring value: shaping ideas, transforming teams, converting customers to partners, aligning with investors, and propelling strategy.

You will discover:

  • Which Builder Personality Type you are most like
  • Each Type's unique mix of gifts and gaps
  • How to apply that insight to become a stronger Builder and improve your odds for success
  • And much more...

Which Type are you most like?

Take our 2-minute quiz to see how your motivation, decision-making mode, management approach and leadership style define your Builder Personality.

The ancient Greek philosophers advised us to ‘know thyself.’ Kuenne and Danner agree, and argue that the personality of the founder is one of the key elements in the growth of a new business. To find out what kind of an actual or potential entrepreneur you are, read this fascinating book.
ALAN BLINDER,Former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve and member of the Council of Economic Advisors
Built for Growth provides investors and founders alike a pragmatic guide on how best to select and work with one another.
PAUL MAEDER,Co-founder of Highland Capital Partners and former President of the Venture Capital Association
The title says it all. Built for Growth is a must read for any entrepreneur, startup team member, investor or executive committed to growing a successful, large-scale business that lasts.
JEFF HOFFMAN,co-founder, Priceline; co-founder, ColorJar
Product-market fit is central to the Lean Startup movement. In this essential book, Kuenne and Danner focus on the fit between the founder’s personality and the teams, customers, and investors needed to build for growth. A must-read!
STEVE BLANK,Inspiration for the Lean Startup movement; coauthor, The Startup Owner’s Manual

About the Authors

Chris Kuenne

Founder, Rosetta and Rosemark Capital

Chris Kuenne is a successful business builder, growth capital investor and member of Princeton University’s entrepreneurship faculty...

John Danner

Senior Fellow, Berkeley-Haas School of Business

John Danner - advisor, teacher, author and speaker - brings decades of entrepreneurial and professional experience to his global work...

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